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Effective Commercial Property Administration Retains Tenants and Boosts Revenues

If you want to maximize the revenue your property produces, you need to maximize tenant retention.  Enduring and profitable tenant relationships do not just happen, however. They must be cultivated through carefully designed and consistently applied tenant relations programs.

From the very first encounter with a prospective tenant, to the routine tasks that make for a well-run property, your MC Commercial Real Estate property management team does what it takes to keep your valuable tenants satisfied—including all the little things that often go unnoticed.

Taking care of tenant finish requirements and coordinating tenant move-ins, we make these important early experiences as positive as possible.

Implementing effective communication programs, we keep your tenants fully informed of property procedures—and make sure they feel well connected to their property management team.

Providing monthly reports, we also make sure you’re aware of every significant administrative issue that comes up at your property.

Whenever maintenance is required, we watch over your property as if it were our own: developing accurate specifications and soliciting bids from qualified contractors, evaluating those bids, awarding the contracts, and overseeing the work.

In fact, it’s the sense of ownership we bring to every aspect of administering your property that builds enduring tenant relationships, keeps your expenses under tight control, and boosts your returns.

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