Property Maintenance

Effective Commercial Property Maintenance Keeps Tenants Satisfied and Controls Costs

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to effective commercial property maintenance, this bit of proverbial wisdom is undeniably true and fundamentally important. It is also the core principle of the approach we apply in our property maintenance operations.

Rather than waiting for problems to arise before responding, our on-staff service technicians follow a proactive, preventive discipline and conduct careful inspections of every property, during scheduled visits. While proactive property inspections don’t guarantee there will never be problems, they do allow us to stay ahead of physical issues that would otherwise become problems.

Staying ahead of problems helps to keep your overall maintenance costs down—and helps to avoid the disruptions that can drive your tenants crazy. As a result, our proactive approach to property maintenance protects your return on investment by preserving your property and keeping your tenants satisfied.

Whenever a routine or urgent need arises at one of your properties, MC Commercial Real Estate responds both quickly and effectively. Our on-staff service technicians keep in touch throughout the day using our own in-house online work order system along with smart phone technology. If an urgent problem comes up after hours, or on a holiday, one of our service technicians is available on call— 24/7 —to resolve any issues and concerns as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

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